Healthcare Transaction FAQs

What is PaymentCare™

How will PaymentCare™ decrease administrative costs and lower bad debt?
PaymentCare™ improves efficiencies within a facility by allowing multiple forms of payments at the point of service.   Whether the payment is in cash, credit card or by check, patients have options to pay in full or set up a payment plan using their credit card or checking account.  In doing so, cash flow increases, fewer month end statements are required, and there are fewer accounts sent to collections.  Fewer statements and fewer collections lower debt and administrative costs between 8-20%

What Payers are included in the PaymentCare™ network?
PaymentCare™ Payers list consists of over 790 Payers including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, United, Aetna & Cigna and many others.  The Payer database and integration into PaymentCare™ is an on-going process.

Payment Plans

What are the benefits of setting up a payment plan through PaymentCare™?
There are several benefits of setting up payment plans in addition to allowing patients to pay over time with a credit card or check.  PaymentCare™ eliminates manual tracking of payment plans using an Excel spreadsheet with the full credit card number stored within a computer or a filing cabinet.  By entering the credit card or check information into PaymentCare™ and saving it on file, the numbers are not fully visible to employees, preventing potential theft of sensitive information.   Additionally, the patient now doesn’t have to worry about paying an outstanding bill each month – payments will be made automatically.  With an automated payment plan, patients can pay over time with credit card or checking account eliminating manual procedures and the risk of theft of patient credit card information.

Can I set up a payment plan using a credit card and/or checks?
Yes, recurring, installment & save on file payment plans can be set up using a credit card or bank account information.


What insurance information will I receive from the insurance payer using PaymentCare™?
The Eligibility responses are: Active or Inactive status, co pay, and deductible and specialty practice specific information depending on the taxonomy code input

What insurance payers can we verify insurance coverage for?
Currently there are over 790 Payers including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana, United, and Aetna & Cigna.

How often is the payer information updated?
Updates are dependent on the individual payers. Some payers update their systems daily others do on a weekly or monthly schedule.

How long does it take to process an eligibility request?
Eligibility Responses are immediate.

Can we check eligibility BEFORE the patient arrives?
Yes, the system is designed to process inquiries prior to a patient’s arrival or processed while the patient is present. 

Do we have the ability to perform batch eligibility inquiries?
Yes, batch inquiries can be done by creating either a manual or automated batch.

Patient Payments

How can patients receive statements electronically?
Patients can register on-line through the Providers website to receive electronic statements.

Will patient payments integrate with my current practice management system?
If your practice management system will allow information to be imported then it can integrate with your practice management system.

Can I set up patient installment plans?
Yes, installment plans can be set up using credit card, checking account or savings account information.

Can I save a patient’s credit or debit card for future payments?
Yes, credit, debit and bank account information can be saved on file for future payments.

How do I process a check?
Check are processed electronically, imaged and can be returned directly to the patient or kept on file.

Can I take patient payments over the telephone?
Yes, payment can be taken over the telephone using a credit card or bank account information and an email receipt of payment sent.

When are credit card and checks deposited into my bank account?
Typically funding of payments is within 24-48 hours.  Next day funding is available; however it is dependent on your banks ability to process the payment on the evening of the deposit.   American Express is funded separately unless you have set-up American Express OnePoint with NTC Texas; then the funding is 24-48 hours in conjunction with Visa, MasterCard and Discover funds.

Can patient’s pay with an HSA card?
Yes, patients can pay using their HSA or FSA card.


What reports are accessible at the end of the day?
All transactions processed through the system can be accessed and downloaded into an Excel, Text or CSV file, including online payments and eligibility inquiries.

Can I get payment transaction information by location, department, or provider?
Yes, reports can be run by location, department or provider.

Do I have the ability to design the end of day report?
Yes, all reports can be configured to meet your business needs.

Remote Deposit

What is Remote Deposit?
Remote Deposit is generally used when many checks are received and need to be processed through the system.  Using a high speed check imager, the checks are scanned, and automatically deposited into the bank.  The benefit is an individual does not have to manually enter each check into the system.  Our check reader/imager can read up to 90 checks per minute.

Will checks be included in reporting the same way as credit card payments?
Yes, check, cash and credit card payments are available in the End of Day report.

Can I process Payer checks through the system?
Yes, payer checks can be processed using PaymentCare™.

How do I deposit patient checks mailed into our practice?
Checks are processed electronically and can be manually

Do I need a deposit slip for check deposits?
No, checks are imaged and processed electronically, so there is no need for trips to the bank or deposit slips.


What information is provided in the estimator tool?
The patient is provided with a range and expectation of their financial responsibility before services are rendered. They will sign the estimation print out preventing future misunderstandings regarding the cost of services.

From where does the estimator pull patient coverage information and how accurate is it?
The estimator takes information from the patient’s real time eligibility verification from the payer

Can I use the Medicare “rack rate” to determine a patient estimate?
Yes, the system is preloaded with Medicare rack rates.

Do I have something to print out for a patient estimate?
Yes, estimate letters can be printed and given to the patient.

Can the estimator do “ranges” for patient’s responsibility?

Can contract pricing be loaded into the estimator?
Yes, contract pricing can be loaded into the system.

Can CPT codes be loaded into the estimator?


Is the PaymentCare™ Patient Payment Portal customizable with our company branding?
Yes,  your logo and or business name can be branded onto the portal.

Will the PaymentCare™ Patient Payment Portal integrate with my current website?
Yes, a pay now link can be added to your website and payments made through the link are reported within the PaymentCare™ site and can be viewed on the end of day report.

Can I pay with a check on-line?
Yes, patients can pay online using their bank account information or credit card.

Can a patient view their statement on-line?
Yes, patients can enroll to receive their statements electronically in addition to or in lieu of the mail.

How difficult is it to add patient payments on-line?
It’s very easy.  Simply notify NTC Texas and we will complete the necessary paperwork for your review and signature.   If you don’t already have a Privacy and Refund Policy on the site, it will need to be added prior to accepting credit cards or checks on-line. 

Is the web portal HIPAA and PCI Compliant?
Absolutely – PaymentCare™ is PCI, DSS and HIPAA compliant.


Can I use my existing terminal(s)?
The benefit of PaymentCare™ is it eliminates the use of single location terminals that require a “matching and batching” of credit card terminal receipts at the end of each day and no system to view all locations or department collections from any computer with Internet access.   Terminals will be replaced with card swipers such as the MagTek Centurion or an RDM EC 6000 or 7000 that processes credit cards and images checks.

Is there an installation/set-up fee for PaymentCare™?
There are no set up or installation fees associated with PaymentCare™.

How long will it take to install/set-up the PaymentCare™system?
This varies with the size and complexity of the account and the number of stations required to set up and number of employees to be trained.

Is there training on how to use the PaymentCare™ system?
 Our trainers, who are the best in the business, can either come to your facility or training can be completed via a live webinar.  We can train one on one, or train a group – whatever your preference. 

How many PaymentCare™ training sessions do we receive and how long are each of the sessions?  
The number of sessions is dependent on your facility needs.  The length of each session varies depending on what features you choose to use.

After the allotted PaymentCare™ training sessions, what additional support tools will I be given if I have additional questions?
There is a user’s manual available within the portal that is accessible from any screen and customer service is available 24/7.