Ingenico ISC250 EMV Credit Card Reader With Pin Pad

The Ingenico ISC Touch 250 is a compact payment powerhouse, making a large impact at the point of sale.

ISC250 Product FeaturesIngenico_ISC250_EMV.PinPad.Sign-1

  • Accommodates all forms of payment including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, signature capture, and NFC/contactless. Also supports new options such as NFC loyalty, couponing, wallets and QR codes.

  • Provides high quality, durable signature capture for electronic payments, receipt storage, and business applications, such as contracts, warranty programs, and enrollments. Authentication with biometric signature is available, including speed and screen pressure for better recognition.

  • Powerful hardware video decoder plays multimedia content from the standard ultra-compressed H264 codec using a speaker and a stereo-out headset. Equipped to manage image libraries, touchscreen and multimedia.

This product is compatible with our Converge payment software. To order an Ingenico ISC250 Credit Card Reader, call 1-877-877-6511 or contact us at NTC Texas.