Credit Card Processing Solutions for Manufacturers

Credit card processing is a must-have, as today most wholesalers, distributors, consumers and companies prefer to use their bank card.

credit card processing solutions for manufacturersWhether you have a small home-based business or a high volume manufacturing business with a large volume of credit card processing transactions, NTC Texas can provide a solution for you. Processing a heavy volume of transactions requires a credit card processing system that can accommodate manufacturing business requirements:

Large-Scale Transactions

describe the imageHigh volume manufacturing merchant accounts must have the ability to accommodate their needs for quick, large increases in their processing volumes. NTC Texas provides a wide variety of state of the art hardware, software and internet applications to satisfy all your credit card processing requirements.

Transaction Efficiency

describe the imageQuick and efficient processing of real-time payment transactions and ā€œPā€ cards (Level III). Accurate and timely reporting from a dependable service-oriented provider with an eye on the latest technology.

Customer Support

describe the imageA large-scale business means additional requests for merchant account customer service and resources. NTC Texas offers a network of professionally trained, dedicated credit card processing specialists assigned to your account to make sure your business runs smoothly. We offer 24 hour a day support for your business to handle any requests you may have.

Security and Fraud Prevention

describe the imageLarge-scale transactions being processed everyday calls for greater attention to security concerns; customer personal data must remain secure from hackers.

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