Credit Card Processing Solutions for Restaurants

Reliable solutions from NTC Texas credit card processing services can increase transaction efficiency, escalate average ticket sales, reach new and existing customers, boost repeat business, and prepare your restaurant for future demands.

credit card processing solutions for restaurantsNTC Texas brings not only streamlined credit card processing products to the table, but online resources to handle real-time transactions to help provide the highest possible customer retention for you. As one of the leading providers, NTC Texas processes all payment methods to help you reduce back-office work as well as develop unique profit-generating solutions such as gift cards and restaurant loyalty programs.

Manage back-office processing with ease

restaurant solutionsConnect your point-of-sale system with an already fully-equipped online credit card processing system. NTC Texas provides you with extensive reporting and tools to manage chargebacks and other payment services. Tips, servers, gift cards and loyalty cards are easily set-up and integrated  

Improve your transaction speed

Every second counts when serving a customer. Cut card transaction times down to three to four seconds and make electronic card transactions faster than cash. NTC Texas payment services have solutions that may require no pin, and a receipt is only provided if requested by the cardholder.

  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Signature and PIN Debit
  • Mobile/Wireless Payments

Build customer retention by awarding customer loyalty programs

restaurant solutionsAs a restaurant, you want repeat visitors and customer loyalty programs are the perfect way to retain your customers. NTC Texas is conscious of the restaurant industry and knows the time and resources it takes to create loyalty program solutions right for your industry and your customers.

For more information about our Restaurant Solutions please call us at 877-877-6511 or email us.

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