Retail Credit Card Processing Solutions

In today's consumer marketplace, your retail business should incorporate good customer service with profitable cash management.

retail credit card processing solutions

NTC Texas delivers credit card processing solutions to meet your distinct business needs—one that efficiently and reliably helps you reduce costs, streamline card and check processing, and shift the burden of security compliance.

Your retail business can now accept transactions with avanced, sleel systems using mobile credit card readers with a tablet or smartphone, accept payments through your website with online payment services and more. NTC Texas credit card processing solutions for retail merchants allow you to manage your revenue and adapt quickly as your retail business demands change.

Reach Your Customer Base

NTC Texas offers specifically designed products for multi-faceted retailers. Have the ability to transact through a wide variety of processing options and increase sales by allowing customers the ability to pay using their preferred payment method.

  • Accept credit cards, signature and PIN debit, checks, and gift cards
  • Transact and fund in multiple currencies using Dynamic Currency Conversion (YEN, Canadian Dollar, British PS, Euro, AUS Dollar)
  • Process through multiple channels: online, point-of-sale, mobile, mail order, telephone order

Automate Payment Reconciliation and Chargebacks

Automate your payment reconciliation and manage chargebacks efficiently for less back-office and manual work. Get a consolidated on-line portal for viewing transactions, funding, statements, and chargebacks with MerchantConnect.

Integrate PCI Compliance and Security Risk

Simplify PCI compliance and strengthen payment security.

  • Accept and transact payments using secure payment methods within your online checkout portal
  • Our credit card processing specialists identify and remove PCI security risks from your business

For more information about our Retail Solutions please call our credit card processing specialits at 877-877-6511 or email us.