100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At NTC Texas, we take pride in offering the highest quality products and services—each and every time. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

service guaranteeWe know the value of our services to your business or organization and are dedicated to helping you grow your business. At NTC Texas, we fully understand that bringing our customers  outstanding, reliable, secure service is essential to your business. We provide a service guarantee regarding information security, exceptional customer service, and technical support 24/7. Our outstanding products and services are offered to customers across the United States.

We make the following service guarantees to our customers:

  1. Merchant service consulting and processing tools aligned for your business, not ours.
  2. Focus on the financial role you must fulfill within your business to increase our value and purpose to you.
  3. Connect one-on-one with our Merchant Service Specialists who are experts in the industry. Specialists demonstrate how to apply our services to your business challenges and develop payment solutions that will help you link your business to success.
  4. Direct, responsive client and tecnical support, personal merchant service assistance, and resources dedicated to your success — all backed by NTC Texas's Service Guarantee.

For any questions regarding our Service Guarantee, call NTC Texas at 877-877-6511 or contact us.